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Upgrade Opera Mini On BlackBerry 8320 Curve With BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Updating Opera Mini on your BlackBerry mobile device is easy following the simple steps below.

  1. Visit Opera Mini Web Site: On your desktop open http://www.opera.com/mini in a browser.
  2. Start Download Process: Click on the green Download Now button that is shown in the image below.

    Opera Mini Download 

  3. Choose Device: Select your model from the list of mobile devices as shown below.

    Opera Mini Download Choose Device

  4. Choose Model:Now select the model of your mobile device as shown below. Verify the picture out to the right of the list of models is your device. In this example we are downloading Opera Mini 4.2 for the BlackBerry 8300 Curve as shown in the image below.

    Opera Mini Download Choose Device Model

  5. Verify Language and Download: As shown below the language should default to your default language but verify it is the correct language and click the link below the language drop down.

    Opera Mini Download Verify Language

    This will start the download of Opera Mini which is around 1MB so it should be really quick.

  6. Unpack Opera Mini:Now make sure you are in a folder where you can store your BlackBerry applications and remember the path to this folder. Unzip the Opera Mini download.
  7. Start BlackBerry Desktop Manager:Start up the BlackBerry Desktop Manager which looks like the below and then click on Application Loader once things have synced.

    BlackBerry Desktop Loader

  8. Start Application Update: On the first screen of the Application Loader you will have two options to either install new applications or to update the current applications as shown below.

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager Update Applications

    Once you click the Start button under “Update Applications” the below screen will appear after the Desktop Manager reads the Application Configuration and then checks for updates.

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager Device Updates

    It will look like there are no updates for your device but don’t worry we are going to point the Application Loader to the correct software to update Opera Mini.  

  9. Click Advanced/Then Browse:Click the Advanced button which will open a new window that shows all of the software on the device. In the new window there will also be a button labeled Browse that we are going to click on and then browse to the folder with the files we unpacked earlier. The file we are looking for has a .alx ending and should begin with the letters “oper” and will look like the image below.

    Opera Mini ALX File Update

    When you select the file it will verify it and add it to the software update list. Notice in the image below how the Opera software package shows Update in the next column which means its recognizes the upgrade we are attempting. Make sure that is the only piece of software that you are upgrading and or installing if that is all you want to do.

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager Upgrade Opera Mini

  10. Complete the Upgrade:Now click the next button. You will have to confirm a warning that says you are about to upgarde software. Agree by clicking the Finish button and the upgrade begins. The upgrade process is going to look like the below image.

    BlackBerry Software Upgrade Process

Verify the upgrade was successful by launching Opera Mini and checking the About screen.