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How to Remove a Contact from Your LinkedIn Connections

Removing a contact from your LinkedIn connections is easy as long as you can find the link. It took me a couple minutes to see it but once I did I wondered how I didn’t see it quicker. Anyhow I wanted to post how to do this to hopefully save someone else a little bit of time. I normally would not care about deleting a contact however a business colleagues friend who requested me as a friend and I accepted continues to send me messages about doing business even though I have politely declined and emails with webinar requests. If you work in the technology field you are very familiar with the type of guy I am talking about that is the pushy sales guy type that typically doesn’t even know anything about technology!

Follow the instructions below to remove a contact from LinkedIn.

  1. Login to LinkedIn:Go to www.linkedin.com and login.
  2. Open Connections:Click the Contacts link in the elft menu. This will open the list of your connections which will look like the below.

    LinkedIn Connections List

  3. Open Remove Connections: Now click the “Remove Connections” link which is located in the top right of the connections window. This will open the remove connections page as shown below.

    LinkedIn Remove Connections

  4. Remove Connection: Now click the check box next to the connection or connections you want to remove and click the “Remove Connections” button on the right side of the window. Upon clicking this button it will pop up a delete confirmation window as shown below.

    LinkedIn Delete Contact Confirmation

    Click the “Yes Remove Them” button to confirm and then you will be redirected back to the Connections window as shown below. There will be a message at the top of the window that confirms the contact removal was successful.

    LinkedIn Remove Contact Confirmation

Your contact or contacts has now been removed from your LinkedIn profile. No more annoying sales guy messages!