You can easily print files from your iPhone or iPod Touch using an application called “Print & Share” or an application called “Print – Printing for Contacts, Web Pages, Photos, and More” both of which are developed by the same company, EuroSmartz, Ltd. There are some differences between the applications so if you need limited features, which I will explain below, then you should purchase the less expensive application.

Here is a breakdown of the applications and the differences between them.

Print – Printing for Contacts, Web Pages, Photos, and More:
Cost: $0.99
Able to Print: Contacts, Webpages, Images and from the Camera (iPhone only)
Sharing: No

Print & Share – Sharing Files + Printing for Emails, Files, Contacts, Web Pages, Photos, and More:
Cost: $6.99
Able to Print: Contacts, Web Pages, Images, from the Camera (iPhone only), Emails, and Contacts
Sharing: Yes

Both applications are similar with the $.99 application just having features stripped from it. The interface is easy to use and you can add multiple computers to print and share to. The computers can be either Mac or PC based and you will be required to install a small desktop application on to the computer to allow the iPhone or Touch to communicate with it. The standard port that the application operates on is port 8080 however you can modify this to be any port you want if you are running another application on that port already.

To share files between the computer and the iPhone or Touch just drop files into the <install-directory>\EuroSmartz Print\WePrint Files directory.  You will be able to access the uploaded files when the Print & Share application is running on your iPhone.

Also the application can be configured to run on computer startup or set to manually run only when you need to use it. This is always a benefit as there is no need to run it all the time in most situations.

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