In tune with consolidating all of my email accounts to Gmail I wanted to make sure that any email sent from my machine showed up in my Gmail “Sent Items” folder. I still have multiple POP accounts which can actually be configured on Gmail now however the messages show as “ sent on behalf of” in the FROM field on most email clients. To me this looks horrible and I don’t want other people seeing my personal Gmail account. So instead I still have multiple accounts configured locally in Outlook 2007 but I wanted to make sure that all sent mail was located in one place which would be the “Sent Items” folder of the primary Gmail account.

To accomplish the above was easier than I expected it was going to be by setting up a custom rule in Outlook 2007. All it does is check any email sent from the local machine and moves a copy into the gmail “Sent Items” folder. You can set up a similar rule by following the directions below.

  1. Open Outlook Rules and Alerts: Click on Tools in Outlook’s top navigation menu and select “Rules and Alerts” from the drop down. This will open the Rules and Alerts configuration window also shown below.  

    Outlook Rules and Alerts Management Window

  2. Run Rules Wizard: Click the “New Rule” button to begin the New Rule wizard.
  3. Configure Outlook Rule: First click “Check Message After Sending” as shown below in the image. After this is highlighted click the Next button.

    Outlook 2007 Rules Wizard - Check Message After Sending

    Check the “on this machine only” option as shown below. Then click the Next button.

    Outlook Rules Wizard - On This Machine Only

    Check the “move a copy to a specified folder” option as shown below in the image. Make sure to click “Specified Folder” in the below window to select the folder you want to move the sent items to. In my case this was the Google Gmail “Sent Items” folder. Once you have configured both of these options then click the Next button.

    Outlook Rules Wizard - Move a Copy to a Specified Folder

    The next window will be options for exceptions to your rule as shown below in the image. In my case there are no exceptions as I want all sent mail from this machine to show up in Gmail’s sent items folder. So either add exceptions or just click the Next button.

    Microsoft Outlook Rules Exceptions

    This is the last rule configuration window shown below where you need to verify your rule is correct. Make sure that “Turn on this rule” has a check next to it and then click the Finish button.

    MS Outlook Rules Wizard Verification

  4. Verify Rule Works:Now send an email from one of your POP accounts. You should see the email go to your Outbox followed by it showing up in your local Sent Items folder. After a couple seconds a copy of that message should show up on your gmail account’s IMAP Sent Items folder. The last thing to verify after the IMAP folder has been synced with Gmail is to make sure it also shows up under Sent Items from your Gmail account on the web.

There has been a lot of pain consolidating all of my email accounts to one Gmail account however I am already seeing the benefits. Once I figure out a couple more items I will have access to years of email from any Internet connection in the world including all of the emails I have sent for the past decade. Now at any time I can verify if I really did respond to various emails as well as the contents of those emails.

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4 Responses to “In Outlook 2007 Save Copy of Sent POP Account Messages to Gmail IMAP Sent Folder”
  1. Manish Kankani says:

    The “FROM” field in sent folder of gmail remains empty after this rule is applied. The weird part is the From field of outlook gmail sent folder looks perfect. Why so?


    alex Reply:

    Hello Manish Kankani,

    Do you have more than one account configured or only one? I am not sure we are comparing the exact same thing if you only have one account as when I send email it could be one of four different accounts which may explain some of the differences? If you have any more details that may help us provide you an answer let me know and we will do our best.



  2. Pranav iyer says:


    I have a peculiar problem. My firm uses a gmail account that fills up rapidly. I have decided to use Outlook 2007 to back up the mail so that I can delete some mail from the gmail account periodically. What I want to do is, I also want to back up the sent items from my gmail account as emails in my outlook sent items folder.

    Can that be done, and if so, how?

    Would appreciate any help!




    alex Reply:

    Hello Pranaviyer,

    If these emails are sent through Outlook then you can use the “save a copy” feature. If they are sent using Gmail it shouldn’t be a problem. I have used Gmail for years and never seen any data loss. If you can provide more details of how the emails are sent and received meaning exactly how emails end up in Gmail and how you are using Outlook specifically then I can probably provide a way to accomplish your task.



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