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Configure T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8320 to Send Voice Mail Password Automatically

I should start by saying there is not a single scenario where you should have a T-Mobile voicemail account set up without the password being enabled. The reason for this is access can easily be gained to any T-Mobile voicemail account unless you have your voicemail password enabled.

To provide an easy example if you have any VoIP soft phone that allows you to configure the CID (Caller ID)  displayed when you dial other numbers then all you need to do is enter the number of the voicemail you want to access and call that number. This will provide you immediate access to that voice mailbox unless the user has their voicemail password turned on. As you can see this provides an immediate security risk and would allow anyone at any time to access your voicemails without your knowledge. So again no matter what T-Mobile device you have make sure that if your voice mail is setup that it has the voicemail password enabled.

Now to make life easier using the T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8320 you can set the device to send the password automatically when you dial voice mail from your cell phone. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Click Dial Button: Click the dial button once to bring up the phone access from your cell phone.
  2. Open Menu Options: Bring up the menu which by default can be completed by clicking the button to the fight of your dial button. When the pop up menu appears scroll down and select “Options”.
  3. Open Voicemail Options: Now that the phone dial options are open select the second option down which is “Voice Mail”.
  4. Add Password: Under Voice Mail there are only two options which include “Access Number” and “Password”. Do not modify the “Access Number” since this should be configured by default. Scroll to the second option which is Password and enter your password followed by the pound symbol. So if your password was 1234 you would enter “1234#” in the Password field.
  5. Save and Test:Now click the menu button again which will pop up a menu. Scroll down to Save and click to save your changes. Now hold the V button down on your phone to dial Voice Mail. You should hear the greeting which asks for your password followed by your phone automatically entering your password. Your secure T-Mobile VM is now accessible by clicking one button on your BlackBerry Curve 8320.

If you need to set the password on your T-Mobile voice mail follow the below steps.

  1. Call Voicemail: Dial your T-Mobile voicemail.
  2. Access VM Menu: Press the “Star”(*) key to access the main menu.
  3. Access Password Security: Press the “5” key to access the Password Security menu.
  4. Toggle Password: Now press the “2” key to toggle the voicemail password between on and off.

Again make sure you set your T-Mobile voicemail password to on. If it is off then everyone has access to your voicemails without your knowledge.