There is a special dialpad to generate DTMF tones (beeps) in Skype 4 when dialing landline or cell/mobile phones for things like entering pin numbers or menu options.

I kept trying to push the “Call phones” button on the lower left pane of the main Skype screen, but then realized you need to go click the drop down next to right of the volume control as shown in the attached image.

Skype DTMF

9 Responses to “Pressing Keypad/Dialpad buttons to generate DTMF tones/beeps in Skype 4”
  1. Arjan says:

    Thanks a bunch! I have really been trying to figure this one out but couldn’t get it to work. I used the “Call phones” dial keys as well. Couldn’t find this solution anywhere!


  2. Chip says:

    Thanks. I’ve been looking everywhere for how to solve this problem. As I new user of Skype I was about to give up on it because I couldn’t find a way to communicate with all the automated answering systems out there. I wish they’d use the same pad for dialing, as the “Call Phones” pad doesn’t make any tones. It’s not a big deal though since the little number pad icon seems to work. It should be noted that it doesn’t appear until after you’ve dialed a number. It took me a while to figure that out.


  3. monica says:

    Thank you!!!


  4. Philip says:

    thanks !


  5. Rico says:

    Thanks mate – lifesaver! So simple and I have been struggling with this for months! Cant believe it! Whew!


  6. Ralpheal Jackson says:



  7. Flo says:

    OMG!! This is the best post i have ever found. It seems to me everybody is lost on this subject including Skype Staff!!! and they don’t EVEN have this solution in their support forum or FAQs!!!thanks so much for your GodSend advice!! :)


  8. jack says:

    add me to the list!! Clicking on Skype’s help box was absolutely NO help!! Thanks very much for for adding the comment to dial first – I wouldn’t have ever figured that out.


  9. Paul says:

    Thanks, why can’t Skype have this in their Support section!


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