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There is a web page on Adobe’s web site that will display the current version of the Flash Player that you have installed for a certain browser. Use the below URL to see the current version of Flash followed by the latest versions of Flash located at the bottom of the web page.

Current Flash Player Version: Click Here

Please be aware that there are different versions of the Flash Player for Windows based on your browser. If you have the newest version installed for Internet Explorer then it does not mean that you have the latest version installed for FireFox. Safari, Opera, and FireFox do all use the same version of the Flash Player but Internet Explorer is a different plugin so keep that in mind if you are seeing something different between browsers.

The same is true for Macintosh in a different way. There are different versions of Flash Player for OS X PowerPC and OS X Intel.

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There is a special dialpad to generate DTMF tones (beeps) in Skype 4 when dialing landline or cell/mobile phones for things like entering pin numbers or menu options.

I kept trying to push the “Call phones” button on the lower left pane of the main Skype screen, but then realized you need to go click the drop down next to right of the volume control as shown in the attached image.

Skype DTMF


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If you are unable to play music on the web site it is most likely that you do not have Real Player installed. When clicking on a link to play music on the site you will receive a pop up asking if you want to open or save a file named The pop up will look like the below. Pop Up

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