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When using git-stash from a Windows command prompt, I would get errors when trying to manipulate stashes.

For example, after running “git stash” to create a stash, if I later listed the available stashes with “git stash list” (which would return something like “stash@{0}: WIP on mybranch: 669dc9c… My comments”) and then tried to apply the stash with “git stash apply stash@{0}”, I would get the error “fatal: Needed a single revision
stash@0: no valid stashed state found”.

I noticed that the curly braces were missing in the error message, so I had to escape them with “git stash apply stash@\{0\}” to get the command to work.

I also got this error when trying to drop or pop a stash (e.g. “git stash drop stash@{0}”), and had to escape the curly braces here as well.

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When installing packages via yum, with repository additions, on CentOS it is possible to get a warning stating a various package is not signed. There are numerous reasons a package may not be signed so verify the source of the package is legit and if so move forward using the below command.

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