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Dell Current System Configuration Page Not Working, SysProWMI Class IE Addon Issue

In attempting to get the current system configuration, via the Dell website, for my Dell D420 laptop I continued to run into issues. I originally thought that it must be an Internet Explorer cache problem, then went on to believe that it was a Internet Explorer add-on issue, then I thought it might be IE security settings, and the end result was I was able to get it working but I am not 100% sure as to what the problem was.

The error was the fact that no matter what I tried, which I will go into detail about below, I could not get the “Current System Configuration” on support.dell.com to analyze my system consistently. I did finally stumble across a URL that works every single time without even having to be logged in and it is listed directly below.

URL: Dell Current System Configuration

The executable that is kicked off when visiting the above link is wmiprvse.exe which I learned during my troubleshooting of the problem I was having getting it to work at all. The best part it that the entire thing works fine without having to go through all the steps of logging in, etc. I do imagine though that the SysProWmi Class Internet Explorer add-on must be installed and enabled for the above URL to work properly. There is another add-on installed by the Dell website which is SysScanner IE add-on but this does not have to be enabled during the Current System Configuration examination.

Some of the items I tried to do that would not resolve the issue are below.

  1. Lower Internet Explorer Security: I turned the security for the Internet zone down to the lowest it would go, which will warn you on every web site you open, however this did not resolve the problem.
  2. ReInstall SysPro.Cab: I attempted numerous times to delete the SysProWmi Class IE add-on, close the browser, reopen the browser, visit the Dell Current System Configuration URL, and reinstall the SysPro.CAB when prompted. This did not resolve the issue.

    Dell SysProWmi Class Internet Explorer Add-On

  3. Disable SysScanner IE Add-On: I completely disabled the SysScanner add-on without any luck. I also deleted this add-on but it did not resolve the problem.

I hope the above helps resolve the issue for someone else. If it does not completely resolve it then it shoul at least assist in the process of resolving the issue by pointing out numerous components of Internet Explorer that are going to be related to the issue.