How to Get Back A Missing Address Bar in the Safari Web Browser

Recently I was installing some applications on a friends iMac computer and noticed his address bar was missing from the Safari web browser. I had never seen this before as I rarely use Safari though I imagine it was easy to resolve.

To add the address bar back into the browser you can either restore the toolbar defaults or just add in the address bar itself. To restore the default toolbar settings follow the steps below.

    1. Open Toolbar Customization:In the top Safari menu click View and select Customize Toolbar from the drop down. This will open the customize toolbar configuration window as shown below.

      Safari Customize Toolbar Configuration Windows

  1. Restore Default Toolbar: Now just drag the toolbar defaults into the location of the Safari toolbar which will restore the defaults including the back/forward buttons, the stop/reload button, the add bookmark button, the address bar, and the search window.

If you only want to add the address bar back to the Safari browsers toolbar then only drag the toolbar from the configuration windows into the toolbar location on Safari.

The other items that can be added or removed from the Safari toolbar include the back/forward buttons, the home button, the autofill button, the text size buttons, the stop/reload button, the add bookmark button, the print button, the report bug button, the address bar, and the search window.

If the above does not work for you then try opening Safari and then clicking the F10 button on your keyboard. This should display the basic menu above the address bar location. Below are two example images first showing Safari without any menu and next showing the result of hitting the F10 key on your keyboard which should produce a menu with many navigation bar items including File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Window, and Help.

Safari Without Menu Bar Displaying:

Safari Without Menu Bar

Safari After Clicking F10 To Display Menu Bar:

Safari With Menu Bar After Clicking F10

As you can see above the default keyboard shortcut to display the Safari menu bar is F10. Once the menu bar is displaying you can set it to display or not display using the View drop down menu.

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