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How to Change Notepad++ Default File Save Location

Changing the Notepad++ default file save location is easy but the issue I ran into was the Update Notepad++ function was not working in the version of Notepad++ I was running. So I was attempting to modify the default save location which was not yet possible in the version I was using. Finally I decided to check the web site to see if a new version was available and sure enough I was running version 4.9.x and the current release was Notepad++ version 5.2.

After upgrading to Notepad++ version 5.2 more options were available to modify file save/open locations and behavior. As shown below in the image there are now three basic options to control what directory Notepad++ looks to by default for opening and saving files.

Notepad++ Default Open/Save Directory

The three File/Open Save Directory options are as follows.

  1. Follow the current document: This option would start to open files in the directory of the latest opened file. If you saved the file it would save in the directory of where it was opened most recently.
  2. Remember the last operation directory: This option would use the last directory no matter what. Even if the file you are saving was opened elsewhere it is going to start with the same directory as the latest file.
  3. Custom Directory: This can be set to any directory and when using the Open File or Save File functions it will always start in the specified directory.

It is much more convenient to be able to modify the Open/Save file behaviors. If you would like to see the changelog for changes with Notepad++ visiting this URL and then clicking the notepad icon to the right of each release.

Another side note is the fact that I still am unable to get the Notepad++ Update to work via the application so I am going to open a bug with Notepad++. Not thats its a big deal but being notified of updates is always nice as I have gone 6 months without updating the software because I assumed it was the latest and greatest. There are a ton of improvements that I have already noticed just upgrading from v4.9 to v5.2.