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Configure Google Talk on Trillian With the Jabber Plugin

To configure Google Talk on Trillian you will install, activate, and configure a Jabber connection. This can be completed by verifying the Jabber plugin is installed and activated. Once the Jabber plugin is activated a new account must be created and connected. Follow the directions below to configure a Google Talk account in your Trillian client.

  1. Open Trillian Preferences:First you will need to verify the Jabber plugin is being loaded. Open Trillian, click Trillian in the top menu, and select “Trillian Preferences” from the drop down as shown in the image below.

    Trillian Preferences

  2. Verify Jabber Plugin:Select the Plugins icon from the Trillian Preferences window as shown in the image below.

    Trillian Preferences Window 

    Once the Plugins window is open verify that the Jabber plugin is selected with a check mark but if not check the Jabber plugin and restart Trillian to make sure it is loaded properly. An example list of plugins is shown below where you can see the active plugins include AIM and ICQ, Jabber, and MSN Messenger. The example also shows inactive plugins which are IRC, Rendezvous, and SkyLlian.

    Trillian Plugins - Jabber


  3. Create Google Talk Identity:Now click the “Identities & Connections” left menu item followed by “Add a new connection” and select the JABBER menu item. Enter your Gmail email address as the username and the password to your Gmail account as the password as shown below in the image.

    Trillian Jabber Google Talk Connection



    Next click the Change button to the right of the username field. This will open a new window as shown below. In the new Jabber Preferences window change “Server Host” to talk.google.com and make sure the “Server Port” is set to 5222.If you want the account to start every time you launch Trillian then make sure the “Automatically connect to this account on startup.” has a check in it.

    Trillian - talk.google.com - 5222


  4. Verify Google Talk Account:Now connect to the Jabber/Google Talk account. You will need to add a Google Talk contact to message. You can add a Trillian contact by clicking Trillian, selecting “Add a Contact or Group” from the drop down, and then following the steps in the contact configuration window. Make sure to select Jabber as the Medium. Once an account that is online shows up send them a message to make sure everything is working.

Your Google Talk account is now set up in Trillian and will connect every time you start Trillian. You can add multiple accounts if necessary as well as disconnect or disable the Jabber plugin.