TSVNCache.exe – TortoiseSVN Using a Lot of System Resources

TortoiseSVN uses a lot of system resources attempting to make sure that the SVN cache on your system is up to date. By default TortoiseSVN will attempt to keep all “Fixed Drives” up to date which will in most cases use a lot of unnecessary system resources such as CPU cycles and RAM. Below are two options to either cut down on the amount of resources used or to turn of the TortoiseSVN Status Cache all together.

First lets look at what process runs on your Windows computer that updates the status cache and then will provide icon overlays on folders to let you know the status. The process is named TSVNCache.exe as shown below in the Windows Task Manager image while using 5MB of RAM. I have seen other estimates where it is said to use anywhere from 10MB to 50MB of RAM at all time. I did also notice that it was using CPU processing power from time to time.

TortoiseSVN - TSVNCache.exe Process

The first option will be to limit the TSVNCache.exe process to only provide status updates for your SVN projects. This will cut down on the amount of system resources used by only checking your project directories instead of every directory on all of your fixed drives.

TortoiseSVN Icon Overlay Cache Settings

As shown above open the TortoiseSVN Settings and then click on the Icon Overlays left menu item. In the “Exclude paths:” box enter each of your fixed drives such as “C:\*” to exclude everything on the C drive. If you have more than one drive do the same for each drive letter on a separate line. Next add each project path to the “Include paths:” window. In the example picture above notice the path for the included project is “C:\svn-project\”. Make sure to add a “*” after the folder name to let TortoiseSVN know to update each folder underneath the root directory of the project. Make sure to click apply followed by OK at the bottom of the settings window to save the new settings.

To completely turn off the Icon Overlay Status Cache open TortoiseSVN Settings and then click on the Icon Overlays left menu item. Now click the radial button next to “None” under the “Status Cache” sub setting. Click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the settings window to save the settings. Below is an example image of what the TortoiseSVN¬†Icon Overlays settings window should look like if the Status Cache is turned off.

TortoiseSVN Status Cache Turned Off

Unless the status icons are extremely important to you then it would be suggested to leave the status cache off so you can free up system resources.