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How to Upgrade Matrix_ks Screen Saver on Windows XP

Upgrading the Matrix_ks screen saver released by Kelly Software is easy. You just install the updated version over the top of the current version. Make sure to install in the same directory with all of the same options which in most cases will be the default options you used to install this screen saver on your Windows XP PC.

  1. Download Updated Screen Saver: Visit the Kelly Software website and locate the newest version of the screensaver here. Scroll down the page until you get to the download section where there will be multiple versions of the Matrix_ks screen saver software. If you don’t mind possible bugs then install the Beta version however if you must have something stable then go with the older release.
  2. Install Screen Saver: Now just double click the Matrix_ks.exe file that you have just downloaded. If you downloaded the latest and greatest the file is going to be named something similar to Matrix_ks_BETA.exe.
    — Choose Language: The default language should be detected for your PC. In my case it was English. Then click the Next button.
    — Pass Welcome Screen: Click the Next button on the “Welcome Screen”.
    — License Agreement: Click the checkbox agreeing to the “End User Agreement” and then click Next.
    — Verify Installation Folder: Verify the installation folder which should be installed in the same folder as the initial Matrix_ks screen saver was installed in. Typically its going to be the default which is “C:\Program Files\KellySoftware\Matrix-ks”
    — OK Warning: A warning will popup warning you that a previous version is installed. Click YES to verify you want to install over top of the previous version
    — Select Program/Group: Again the defaults should work perfect which are “Kelly Software/Matrix-ks” and then click the Next button.
    — Start Installation: Now click the Next button to install the screen saver application.
    — Finish Installation: Now click the Finish button to finalize the Matrix_ks screen saver installation.
  3. Test  Screen Saver: Now right click your desktop and choose properties from the drop down menu. Click the Screen Saver tab and choose Matrix_ks from the drop down menu. Click the Settings button to modify any settings and verify the version number is updated. After saving the configuration changes click *Preview to make sure things are functioning properly.

Your Matrix_ks screen saver is now upgraded.