Joomla Warning! Failed to move file.

If you are getting a warning when attempting to install a Joomla component then there is either a permission problem or a possible Joomla configuration issue. Please attempt to correct your problem by using one of the two methods below.

  1. Modify /tmp Permissions:First in your Joomla installation folder make sure that the /tmp folder has the proper permissions. Typically you will get the “Warning! Failed to move file” when the /tmp folders permissions are incorrect or at least the system thinks that the permissions are incorrect.
  2. Configure FTP Settings: If this does not resolve the issue then you should verify the FTP Settings are correct. They are located under the Site drop down in the top navigation. Choose “Global Configuration” from the drop down and then click the Server tab under Global Configuration. Near the bottom left of the Server configuration page you will see an area titled “FTP Settings” which is where you will configure your FTP user, FTP password, and root directory. Once these have been set click the Apply button located at the top left of this page.

One of the above two items should resolve the issue and you should be able to move forward installing Joomla components.