Modify Folder Options in Windows Vista

Modifying folder options in Windows Vista is a bit different than Windows XP and may throw you off if you are not familiar with how to modify these options. Instead of modifying the options through the toolbar it is done through the control panel in Windows Vista. Follow the simple steps below to modify the same types of folder options as Windows XP.

  1. Open Control Panel: Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left of your start screen and click on Control Panel from the pop up menu.
  2. Open Appearance and Personalization: Double click on Appearance and Personalization.
  3. Open Folder Options: Double click on Folder Options. This will bring you to a screen similar to Windows XP folder options that used to be accessible from the menu bar.

Once you have the options open I typically make changes to options under the view tab. Some of the options I typically modify and suggest to other to modify are below.

  1. Check: Display full path in the title bar (Classic Folders Only)
  2. Radial Active: Show Hidden Files and Folders
  3. Uncheck: Hide extensions for known file types
  4. Uncheck: Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)

After changes have been made be sure to click the Apply to All Folders button near the top of the View tab under Folder Options.

So while Vista has a bit of a different way to get to a lot of configuration items many of them are almost if not exactly the same as Windows XP. The more I play around with Windows Vista the more I have been liking it.