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Configure Static IP and DNS on HP Photosmart C5150

The easiest way to configure a static IP on the HP Photosmart C5100 is via the web interface. You probably do not know to the IP address of the all-in-one printer since you are just now configuring the static IP and if it is currently on the netork then it has received a dynamic IP address via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Regardless its an easy process which I will explain step by step below.

  1. Locate IP Address: First we will need to locate the current Internet Protocol address of the printer. Look in the properties of the printer and look at the Ports tab to see if there is an IP address specified. If there is not then you can print a test page, bring up a command prompt, and type “arp -a”. You should notice a couple different IP addresses of which one should be associated with a Physical Address that begins with 00:19:BB which is Hewlett Packard. Once you have located the IP address take note. It should be an address where the first three octets begin with 192.168.0.
  2. Open Printer URL: Now visit the URL for the printer based on the IP address you noted from the previous step. So if the IP address was you would type in your browser address bar.
  3. Open Network Settings: Click on the Networking tab at which time you will be prompted for a username and password. I believe it will either ask you to set the user/pass or the default username and password is admin/password or admin/blank.
  4. Open Wired Connections: Now click on Wired Connections (Wired 802.3) in the left column. You will notice on this page you will be able to switch from Automatic IP and Automatic DNS to Manual. Before we start changing those settings click on the Advanced tab so you can see what other configuration options are available. Don’t make and changes here unless needed and click back on the IP Configuration tab.
  5. Modify IP Settings: Now click the radial button next to Manual IP and enter in the static IP information you would like to set. Typically your IP address with be something like,your subnet mask will be, and the default gateway will be After you have entered in IP  information correctly click the radial button next to Manual DNS. Here you will enter two DNS servers. If using OpenDNS then enter the DNS servers for this service but if not then look at your current configuration to determine the DNS servers. They can be located on any Windows PC by typing “ipconfig /all” from the command prompt.
  6. Save Settings: Now click Apply at the bototm of the page. Your printers network functionality may be lost for a moment while the settings are saved.
  7. Test New IP Address: Now enter the new IP address in your browsers address bar to verify the settings have taken affect. If you have been successful you will see the same admin web interface via the new IP address.

Be  sure to also update any Port settings configured for this printer on each PC that prints to it. If the printer port was configured to connect via IP then you will need to update the settings with the new IP address.