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Firewall Settings for Playstation 3, PS3 Firewall Ports

If your PlayStation 3 is operating slow, losing connection, or just not working right most of the time the chances are that you need to change some settings on your Internet router or firewall. Routers use NAT(Network Address Translation) to allow multiple devices to function behind the router as if they all have the public address that your ISP(Internet Service Provider) has provided to you. The PS3 requires various ports to be open to communicate with other users online as well as other ports to be opened to the PlayStation 3 for other games to function properly. Below I list these ports required for the PS3 to operate, ports required for certain games to operate, and followed by a brief explanation of what you need to look for in terms of configuring your router or firewall.

Please note that these ports are either going to be UDP(User Datagram Protocol) or TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) as specified below.

Ports Open For PS3
UDP: 3658, UDP: 3478-3479
TCP: 80, 443, 5223

Army of Two
UDP: 3658
TCP: 6000

Motor Storm
UDP: 3659-3660

Burnout Revenge
UDP: 3659, 9600-9699

Resistance Fall of Man
UDP: 9600-9699

Call of Duty 3
TCP: 3074
UDP: 3074

What To Look For On Your Router Or Firewall:
If you want to make this work for all games without every having to update things and you do not have other devices on your network that require port forwarding then you can set your PS3 IP as the DMZ IP on your router. If not look for the applications or port forwarding section on your router. Also look for anything related to NAT if you are unable to find the port forwarding section.

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