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In case you’re not a Rails programmer, ActiveRecord has this great ‘convention over configuration’ feature that defines a many to many relationship called the has_many_and_belongs_to association. For example, if you’re mapping many users to many devices, then the join table must named with both tables names (in this cas devices_users).  What I didn’t realize until Matt Smith pointed it out is that the order of the names must be alphabetical. The join table cannot be named users_devices. Common sense but thought I would point it out.

This coincides with another (but less obvious) alphabetical caveat I ran into with Rails a while ago: XML nodes in the XML for RESTful posts (for RESTful resources) must be in alphabetical order.

And don’t forget, a column name can’t be named ‘type’ because Rails uses that keyword internally. For single table inheritance, for instance.

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After upgrading the RAM on your Windows XP or Windows Vista computer (laptops and desktops) you should review your performance settings. The primary concern will be your pagefile.sys size to make sure it matches or exceeds the amount of RAM you have in the computer. For those of us that are familiar with Linux more so than Windows the pagefile is also called the swap file in Windows. The pagefile or swap file is used for anything that won’t fit into RAM so technically it is an overflow for RAM so the excess has somewhere to go.

RAM: Random Access Memory

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These are the steps to resetting error codes on the iR5570/iR6570 and other ImageRunner printers. This also refers to eCopy, so follow the additional steps if you have the eCopy setup. The most common errors that I get are from power outages, sometimes after an outage the printer will not reboot correctly and will be stuck with an error message.

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