Outlook 2007 Reply, Reply All, and Forward Are All Greyed Out

If you have recently installed or are in the process of upgrading Microsoft Outlook 2007 there is a possibility that some of the functionality is disabled. This functionality could be disabled for many reasons though all have easy solutions which I walk through below.

Activate Software:Make sure your software is activated no matter if it is just a trial or if you have the full version of Outlook 2007 you have to make sure the software is activated. If you are unsure you can check to see if Outlook 2007 is activated by clicking Help in the top menu and then selecting “Activate Product”. If the product is activated you will see the below message stating “The product has already been activated”.

Outlook 2007 is Activated

If you do not get the above message a window will pop up either for a trial like the below.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Trial

or to enter the product key like this.

MS Outlook 2007 Enter a Product Key

If you receive the trial message click Next and activate the trial. Once activated shutdown Outlook and restart it and the functionality should exist. The Trial software should include all of the functionality necessary to operate Microsoft Office 2007.

If you have already activated the trial and you want to enter a Outlook 2007 product key follow the instructions and enter the key to activate the software. Then you will need to shutdown Outlook and restart it and the functionality should activate.

I have seen many posts on the Internet discussing this problem and they mention the points above yet after activation my Outlook 2007 reply, replay all, and forward buttons were still greyed out. I finally discovered that some Windows updates had also been installed and my computer required a reboot to finish the installation. Once I rebooted the PC and launched Outlook the buttons were no longer greyed out and I was able to fully use Microsoft Outlook 2007.