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Cannot See AppData Folder In Vista, Unhide All Files and Folders in Vista

By default in Windows Vista all system files and folders are hidden as in previous versions of Windows. The difference is the typical menu is not at the top of Windows Explorer so how you might be used to turning on hidden files and folders might seem harder than it was before. Actually its exactly the same and if you follow the instructions below you will see all files and folders in no time.

  1. Open My Computer: Click the Windows icon in the lower left hand corner of Vista, scroll up to the right, and click Computer.
  2. Display Old File Menu: With the Computer window open and active click the Alt button on your keyboard. You should see the old File menu display at the top of the Computer window.
  3. Open Folder Options: Now click File in the new menu that has appeared, scroll down, and click on Folder Options.
  4. Choose Options: Click the view tab and select the options you want to change. To display all files and folders as well as hidden file extensions follow these three steps.
    * Under the “Hidden Files and Folders” sub menu move the radial button to “Show Hidden Files and Folders”
    * Uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”
    * Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”
  5. Save and Apply: Now click the Apply button in the bottom right corner of this window followed by clicking the Apply to Folders button near the top left to apply the new options to all folders. Note that changes will not affect currently open folders but will start working for any folders opened after it has been applied to all folders.
  6. Test: Now close all of your currently open windows and then begin to navigate your Users directory. If no changes had previously been made you should not have been able to see the AppData directory that was in C:\Users\YourUserName\ but it should now be visible.

Thats all that needs to be done. These changes should not have to be set more than once unless you specifically change them back. Now all files and folders are viewable in Windows Vista. You should also be able to view all file extensions now which I find much mo0re useful than hiding the so called known file types.