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If you have an HP w2408h and want to test out the auto rotate you first have to install some software called My HP Display. This software can be downloaded from HP here. First choose the your Operating System from the list on HP’s site so you can download the proper software. Under Utility – Tools choose to download My HP display and then unpack and install once on your PC. After the software is installed you will need to reboot for the software to finish installing. Once your computer is restarted click the Windows icon in the bottom left of your screen, choose All Programs, and click on My HP Display to access the display administration window. When you access the administration window you will need to walk through a 5 step setup process to enable the screen rotation. Once you have been through the 5 step wizard and closed the My HP Display administration window you can now grab your screen and rotate it. The screen should rotate 90 degrees clockwise

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There are many posts on the Internet stating that the RSS feeds folder cannot be removed however this is not the case. Following the simple steps below you can remove the RSS Feeds folder. When creating the necessary registry key you will need to create the sub directories if they do not exist.

  1. Download Templates: First download the Administrative Templates from Microsoft by clicking here.
  2. Install Templates: Now you need to extract the templates to a directory on your PC. I chose to extract to C:\AdminTemplates but the location does not matter. Make sure that you note the path to the templates for later.
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If you are having trouble changing the default data file in Outlook 2007 then you are probably trying to change the default file to an account that is synced via IMAP. It is not ever possible to use an IMAP account as the default data file for Outlook since IMAP syncs with the server. If something is sent and/or received from the server then it would also sync to your Outlook 2007 IMAP account. The default data file must be something other than IMAP. One way to do this is to have at least one POP3 account and than you can have as many IMAP accounts after the first account.

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By default in Windows Vista all system files and folders are hidden as in previous versions of Windows. The difference is the typical menu is not at the top of Windows Explorer so how you might be used to turning on hidden files and folders might seem harder than it was before. Actually its exactly the same and if you follow the instructions below you will see all files and folders in no time.

  1. Open My Computer: Click the Windows icon in the lower left hand corner of Vista, scroll up to the right, and click Computer.
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