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If you are having trouble getting Adobe Flash Player to work in IE this can typically be resolved by installing the Flash Player as a standalone.

Errors that could provide information about if you need to install Flash Player as a standalone:

You are currently using Flash Player -1

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To save room in the taskbar it is nice to be able to send iTunes to the system tray instead. This will still allow you to access iTunes but it won’t be in your way on the taskbar.

  1. Launch iTunes: Locate the shortcut to iTunes and launch the application.
  2. Open iTunes Preferences: Click Edit in the iTunes top menu bar and scroll down and left click on preferences.
  3. Open iTunes Advanced Preferences: Click on the Advanced tab which is located all the way to the top right of the iTunes Preferences window.
  4. Enable System Tray Option: The last check box at the bottom of the iTunes Advanced Preferences tab is titled “Minimize iTunes window to system tray”. Click in the box to add a check mark next to tis option.
  5. Save Option: After adding the checkmark in step 4 click the OK button at the bottom of the iTunes Advanced Preferences which will save the new setting.
  6. Test New Option: Now test the new option by clicking on the small minimize window button in the top right corner of iTunes which should now minimize iTunes to the system tray instead of the taskbar where it used to minimize.

This will save some space in the taskbar so if you like to multitask as I do you will have more room for other applications including multiple Internet Explorer windows without them doubling up. If you would like to launch iTunes again then just double click the iTunes icon in the system tray which is typically located in the bottom right of your computer screen.

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