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How to Watch CNN Videos on iPhone or iPod Touch

CNN videos will not play most of the time on the iPhone or iPod Touch when attempting to access them right from cnn.com. After some searching and weeding through sites that claim to allow you to play embedded flash videos from your iPhone I located vTap. This site actually does allow you to convert videos on the fly and play them through a playlist organized on vTap.com and its all really easy.

To watch CNN video on your iPhone just follow the below instructions. This should also work for most other sites out there that you are having a hard time viewing the video on your iPod Touch or your iPhone.

  1. Open Safari: Double click on Safari
  2. Visit vTap: In the address bar type in http://vtap.com
  3. Search: You will notice the vTap site is nicely formated and provides a menu system near the top of the screen. Click on Search to search for the videos you want to play on your iPhone.
  4. Add to Playlist: Once you locate the videos you want to view then add them to the playlist. You can continue to search while the videos are downloading to your playlist which can take a little while.
  5. View Video: Now click Playlist in the menu above and you will see all the videos you have added to the playlist. Click Play High or Play Low and a window will appear with a play button in the middle of the video.
  6. Play Video: Now click that play button in the middle of the video which will now open a Quicktime window where you will need to click play to start the video. Your video should begin to play immediately.

That it! This is all you need to do to be able to start viewing videos immediately on your iPhone. I have tested this for a couple different sites and it seems to work great for each site I have tested. Most important to me was being able to watch the CNN videos on my iPod Touch which I can now do thanks to vTap.com.