Configure Fring on iPod Touch with Broadvoice SIP Service

Some people may wonder if their Broadvoice SIP account will work with Fring. The answer is yes. Other people may wonder if VoIP will work on their iPod Touch and again the answer is yes. Follow the easy steps below to configure Fring on your iPod Touch with Broadvoice VoIP service. Apple is coming out with a headset/mic combo for the iPod Touch but any second generation iPhone headset with a mic should work.

  1. Install Fring: Download Fring from iTunes and install Fring on your Touch.
  2. Install Addon: Click the More button after launching Fring
  3. Goto Addons: Now click the addons menu button
  4. Goto SIP: Click on the SIP menu button
  5. Enter Information: Now enter your username, password, and proxy into the Fring application and then save. Your Broadvoice username should be your phone number including area code. The password is available in the Broadvoice web interface and you should use as the proxy.
  6. Test: Now click on the Fring dialer and enter a number with the area code like 502-456-1234. After entering the number click the green SIP button and you will hear the phone start to ring. It takes a little while to connect so be patient.

You should now be making phone calls with your iPod Touch using Broadvoice as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider.

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