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How to Turn On Remember Passwords in Internet Explorer

If you have turned off remember passwords in Internet Explorer it is easy to turn them back on. Follow the instructions below to turn on remember passwords in IE.

    1. Open IE: Open your Internet Explorer
    2. Open IE Options: Click Tools from the menu above and then click Internet Options
    3. Navigate to Content Options: Click the Content tab in the new Internet Options window

  1. Open AutoComplete Settings: Click the Settings button under the AutoComplete section
  2. Turn Option On: Check both “User names and passwords on forms” and “Prompt me to save passwords”
  3. Save Settings: Click the OK button for AutoComplete Settings and then click the OK button for Internet Options.
  4. Test Setting: Now visit a website where you type a username and password and when you submit the form it should now ask if you would like Windows to save your password for this username.

The remember password option can be turned off by following the above steps except uncheck the “Prompt me to save passwords” option in AutoComplete Settings.