Its fairly easy to merge Microsoft Excel fields together but you have to be aware of formulas and then with how to pull that data out of the formula to save it on its own. I used this to merge title, first name, and last name together. Follow the directions below and you should have no problems merging Excel fields together.

1. New Column: Add the below formula to a new column.

=CONCATENATE(A1,” “,B1,” “,C1)

Microsoft Excel Formula for Merge

2. Highlight and Copy: Now highlight all cells in the D column and click “Edit >> Copy”.

Microsoft Excel Copy

3. Paste: Now paste the copied cells into either a new document or a new column. We will be stripping out the formula so we only have the data by using “Paste Special”. So click “Edit >> Paste Special”.

Microsoft Excel Paste Special

4. Choose Options: Make sure to choose “Values” and then click “OK”.

MS Excel Paste Special Options

 5. Verify: The new column should now have the contents of the merged cells without the formula. You can verify this by highlighting the first field in the new column and verifying there is no formula showing.

Microsoft Excel New Column

 Now you can save the spreadsheet or copy that column and paste into a new spreadsheet with the merged fields.

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4 Responses to “How to Merge Multiple Excel Fields Together, Merge Excel Cells Together”
  1. Firoz says:

    How can we merg 2 or 3 cell with condition like i want to merg first 3 letters fromA1 and last 4 letters from B2?


    alex Reply:

    Hello Firoz,

    I have not had to do that so I am not 100% sure. I would assume it can be done using the same process listed in the article but obviously it will be a bit more complex.

    If you figure it out please respond with the answer so it will help others in the future.



  2. Firoz says:

    Hi Alex,

    I found the solution , we need to setup below formula


    MID(A6,1,3) – it will pic fisrt 3 letter/number from A6

    MID(C6,4,4)) – it will pick 4 letter/number from C6 that start from 4th number , like in C6 number is 1234567 then it will pick 4567.

    I had thousand of rows into sheet, i applied the same formula and it worked.

    Thank you


    alex Reply:

    Hello Firoz,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Somehow this comment slipped through the cracks for me to respond to. Anyhow thanks so much for replying with the above info! I am sure others having similar issues will find it useful.



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