Screenshots with Windows Vists – Alt – Print Screen

Windows Vista definitely has some hidden gems about itself. I have a Vista box but rarely use it as I do most of my work from my trusty laptop. Today I was doing some work that required Vista and learned of Snipping. Snipping is the ability to take screenshots of any size native with Windows Vista. When you launch Snipping by typing snipping into the start window below Windows main navigation then you can take any size screenshot you want to. What is extra cool about Snipping is the fact that the screen greys out and you get an accurate clear view of what you are actually going to be snipping from Vista’s surface.

I take a lot of screenshots to troubleshoot things or pass images to developers to troubleshoot things. I wish XP had snipping but its just one more small step forward for me to start using Vista. Below I are some images related to snipping.


Vista Snipping Screenshot Window Start Menu

In the above image you can see the red line around the picture which was the area I specified for the screenshot. You can make screenshots any size you want by dragging a box on the screen to a specify the area of the screenshot to the Snipping application. My personal favorite way of managing these images is to snap them and size them with snipping and manage them with Picasa from Google. Picasa replaces the typical Windows Picture and Fax viewing application and provides a lot more bells and whistles. Here in the next week or so I am going to write about some of the benefits of Picasa.