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NextGen Gallery with Tiltview Pictures Look Distorted and Causing Resource Issues

I have been playing around with Tiltview for the past couple of days which is an addition to a WordPress plugin called NextGen FlashViewer. Let me start by saying that even though I had a couple problems when starting out the combination of NextGen Gallery, NextGen Flashviewer, and Tiltview is one of the coolest combinations I have seen. It actually is fairly easy to get going and surprisingly when configured properly is not a huge CPU and memory hog. If you have configuration errors as mentioned below it can clearly be a PC resource monster. You definitely can see it taking up some memory but most client PC’s have plenty to handle Tiltview style applications these days. If you have something configured incorrectly as I mention below it wil easily crash browsers and possibly lock up the entire PC. My 1.8 GHz Windows XP laptop with 2GB of RAM was on its knees begging for mercy during troubleshooting the issues I explain below.

My first problem was that the images looked overlapping and would freak out when they were lining up in the order that Tiltview was telling them to. Sometimes they would just stop during the layout portion of the flash application and almost look merged with other images while blinking and sometimes only showing half of a picture. During troubleshooting this initial problem Tiltview ended up crashing my browsers non stop. I ended up spending some time troubleshooting with FireFox and the HTTP Fox plugin and didn’t see anything conflicting so I was drawing some blanks.

Initially I thought I would be able to find some sort of JavaScript conflict but after disabling all of the other JavaScript on the site and still having the issue I ruled that out. I couldn’t find much information on Google or the Tiltview forums about my specific issue. Most everything on the Tiltview forums was talking about how strong the product is and the fact that everyone was amazed at how little esources Tiltview uses. At this point, especially after reading that so many times,  I was getting grumpy since I stayed up all night trying to get everything installed and running properly of which most of the time was spent trying to figure out what was wrong here. When I initially installed Flashviewer with Tiltview and tested the application everything worked fine and I never had a browser crash or noticed resource usage growing out of hand. I had been making a lot of configuration changes through out the night and was in the process of upgrading some other WordPress plugins as well so it could have been any numbers of items that caused my issue.

It finally clicked that the reason Tiltview was displaying distorted and chewing up rresources was because of a simple setting in the WordPress Flashviewer admin under the Tiltview tab called “Max JPG Size”. The default setting is 640px which is what many of my gallery image sizes max out at however I also had a number of galleries well above 640px which were the galleries that caused Tiltviewto lock up Internet Explorer and caused FireFox to crash. So you could either raise the Max JPG Size in the admin or modify your images size to resolve the issue. I chose to modify the image size by using ImageMagick’s mogrify. Click the mogrify tag at the bottom if you need more information about how to resize your images from your shell.

If you want to modify the Max JPG Size do it in the admin console shown below.

Tiltview - WordPress Flashviewer Admin Console

Once all of the images were resized with the largest side being 640px my both problems went away. No longer did I have any images overlapping which makes sense now that I know the answer! The Tiltview rresources issue was directly related to this as well since once it was resolved I no longer have browsers crashing.

Below are a couple views of what Tiltview looks like when installed with Flashviewer on a WordPress site. I also want to reiterate that the issues I have had with Tiltview have been because of my lack of understanding of the application and once configured properly things have been perfect.

Tiltview Full Screen Zoom Mode Tiltview Full Screen Mode
Wordpress with NextGen Flashviewer and Tiltview Tiltview Integrated with WordPress

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