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How to Make A Personal Image the Wallpaper on a iPod Touch

Setting a personal image as the background for your iPod Touch is easy. Follow the instructions below.

First you have to sync personal images from iTunes to your Touch.

  1. Start iTunes: Open up the iTunes application
  2. Attach the Touch: Plug your Touch into the computer using the USB cable
  3. Highlight Touch: Click on your iPod Touch under Devices in the iTunes menu 

    iPod Touch Sync to iTunes

  4. Choose Photos: Click the Photos tab at the top of the iTunes screen
  5. Enable Photo Syncing: Check “Sync photos from:” and choose the correct folder on your computer
  6. Sync: Click Sync in the bottom right of the iTunes application

Now enable the photo on your Touch to be the wallpaper.

  1. Open Photos: Click Photos in the bottom menu of the Touch
  2. Choose Photo Album: Click on the Photo Album where the image is located
  3. Choose Photo: Click the image you want to be the new background
  4. Click More: Click the more button at the bottom left of the image
  5. Enable Wallpaper: Click “Use As Wallpaper”

    Touch Image Options

  6. Confirm: Click “Set Wallpaper”
    iPod Touch Wallpaper Confirm New Wallpaper - iPod Touch
  7. Test New Wallpaper: Lock your iPod Touch and then login to see your new Touch wallpaper

To set your wallpaper back to one of the default Touch wallpapers follow the instructions below. This is also another way to set the wallpaper for custom pictures after they have been synced from iTunes to the Touch they will show here.

  1. Open Settings: Click the Settings application from the Touch desktop
  2. Open General: Click General in the menu
  3. Open Wallpaper: Click Wallpaper in the menu
  4. Choose: Choose either Wallpaper or a Photo Album name
  5. Click Image: Click the image you want to be the wallpaper
  6. Confirm: Click “Set Wallpaper”
  7. Test It: Lock your Touch and then again to see the new wallpaper