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iTunes was Unable to Load Provider Data from Sync Services

If you are unable to sync your iPod don’t try restoring or anything just yet as the problem might be extremelly simple to fix. I noticed that on my Windows XP laptop that if I plug my iPod into different USB ports that things act differently. I have three USB ports on the back of my Dell d420 laptop and I installed my iPod Touch while using the port in the back all the way to the left. Everything works fine if I sync using this port however if I try using one of the other two USB ports on the back of my laptop I get the following errors.

The first pop up error states the following:
iTunes cannot sync information with the iPod “iPod Name” because syncing has been disabled on this computer. Do you want to enable syncing?
If you do not enable syncing, iTunes will not be able to sync contacts, calendars, bookmarks, or mail accounts to your iPod.

When I click OK on this first error my laptop makes some weird noises and then prints the following error which I also have a couple images of below.

iPod Touch Provider Data Sync Services Error

iTunes was unable to load provider data from Sync Services.
Reconnect or try again later.
The full screen with iTunes in the background would look like the below.

iPod Touch Provider Data from Sync Services Error

Even more interesting is the fact that this does not happen every time. Typically after I plug the iPod Touch into the USB port that the iPod was configured on then it will work on any of the USB ports directly following. If changing USB ports does not resolve your issue then there are numerous other posts talking about how to resolve syncing issues with your iPod. I personally would start out by reviewing the processes listed on Apple’s website here for a -69 error, here for a -50 error, or here for a -48 error. There are a ton of great resources to resolve issues with your iPod so don’t rush things and make sure to try the easier resolutions first.

If you don’t already have an iPod, iPhone, or a Touch I recommend the 32GB 2nd Generation iPod Touch as shown below.

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