Creating multiple cacti graphs using the same script is really easy. It took me a minute to realize it but if your script input values then you can just click the “Create Graph” drop down and create multiple of any graph you have configured. See the two images below that show how to do this visually.

Modify Graph Templates In Cacti Admin:

Multiple Cacti Graphs

Click Create Button In Cacti Admin To Generate New Graph:

Cacti Create Graph Button

Create as many graphs as you like. This is really useful for grabbing historical postgresql table data. I created some templates to have cacti graph postgresql table data including total size, data only, and indexes only.

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Network Flow Analysis (Paperback)

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2 Responses to “How Do You Create Multiple Cacti Graphs Using The Same Script”
  1. tutu says:


    Can you, please, help me to create a graph using a script .
    I have a lot of values that I want to put on a single graph.

    Thnk you in advance,


    alex Reply:

    Hello tutu,

    The above howto should assist but if it does not you can use the contact form on the site to arrange for consulting to assist with your cacti graphs.


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