How To Remove Embedded Web Browser from:

This article will assist in removing any annoying User Agent displaying for Windows Internet Explorer.

You are probably curious what this is after you saw it in some web logs of some sort. It is likely from a legitimate application you have installed as some form of add-on to Internet Explorer. I did a bunch of reading trying to find out exactly how it got there but ended up concluding that it could have been any number of third party add-ons I have added to IE. So anyhow then I decided I did not want it showing up as my User Agent so I attempted to remove it following the steps below.

1. Open RegEdit: Click start >> run, type regedit, and click ok.
>> Microsoft >> Windows >> CurrentVersion >> Internet Settings >> User Agent >> Post Platform
3. Remove Key: Right Click the key and click delete.

Windows Registry User Agent Key

4. Shutdown Regedit: Close regit by x’ing it out.
5. Restart Browsers: You should only have to restart your browser for the changes to take affect.
6. Verify Success: Visit here to verify the unwanted User Agent string has been removed.

Initially when I tried removing the unwanted “Embedded Web Browser from:” I was modifying only the Windows Registry entry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and it was frustrating me that the User Agent continued to show up. Finally I decided to also check under HKEY_CURRENT_USER and I noticed the string there. Just to be clear when you go to either Post Platform Folder under the User Agent folder in the registry you will clearly see the “Embedded Web Browser from:” entry so that is the only one you want to right click and remove.

The site used to verify your User Agent is really nifty as you could modify your UA entry to be anything you want and go back and check it easily without having to sift through any apache logs or whatever. A really great article by Microsoft on User Agents is located here.

Be very careful editing the Windows registry as one false move could cause you a lot of problems. Check out the book below for other Windows registry hacks.

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