ClientExec: Type: User Error (256): billingtype

ClientExec: Type: User Error (256): billingtype

I recently upgraded a customer management software called ClientExec from a very old version (2.4.9__2.5beta4) to the latest stable version (ClientExec 3.1.4).  It had been a long time since the administration type settings had been updated but it was time to clean things up. One area lets you manage billing types which I was about to attempt. You can either delete or edit current entries or add a new entry. First I attempted to add a new entry and was greeted with the error below.

An error has occurred with the given operation

Type: User Error (256)
Description: QUERY: INSERT INTO billingtype (id, name, description, detail) VALUES(‘2147483648′,’Test’,’Test’,’Test’) – ERROR: Duplicate entry ‘2147483647’ for key 1
Request: POST /client/index.php?fuse=billing&action=AddBillingType
Script: client/newedge/classes/NE_Mysql.php
Line Number: 154
client/modules/billing/models/BillingType.php (50) : ne_mysql::query
client/modules/billing/actions/AddBillingType.php (16) : billingtype::update
client/newedge/classes/NE_Controller.php (200) : addbillingtype::dispatch
client/newedge/front.php (74) : ne_controller::processaction
client/index.php (4) : unknown

I decided that looking at the database table would be the best place to start and sure enough in the billingtype table there were some funky looking entries. Of the ten or so total entries one of them had a really long number for its id number. This is not possible since the first entry was 1 and they were supposed to auto increment from there. Anyhow I modified the this number using an id that was directly after the last good entry. Immediately after making these changes I was able to add, edit, and delete billing types again in the ClientExec admin interface.

I am assuming the problem had something to do with the upgrade script adding data to that table as he default style entries were all related to new features since the last time I had upgraded. ClientExec is a great piece of software and they continue to impress every time that I do business with them. They handle support issues and have always charged very fair prices.