Linux CLI Commands For Windows

Linux CLI Commands For Windows

The best way I have found to emulate Linux commands for Windows is by installing CYGWIN.  This is an application that will run on pretty much all Windows machines and provides a ton of Linux type commands. After installing CYGWIN you will need to set your path as noted below.

Set CGYWIN to be in your path:
1. Right click my computer.
2. Click the Advanced tab
3. Click the Environment Variables near the bottom of the Advanced tab
4. In the bottom window frame scroll down until you see PATH
5. Highlight PATH and then click Edit
6. Make sure to not delete anything else and add the following to the end of this string.

; C:cygwinbin

**NOTE** If your CYGWIN was installed in a different directory then the path will be different but the above was the default location at the time I installed.
7. Click OK, Click OK, Click OK
**NOTE** If you have a dos command prompt already open you will need to close it and restart it for the new PATH to work.

You now have access to dozens of Linux commands such as awk, bash, bzip, cat, chmod, chown, dd, du, grep, gunzip, kill, less, locate, man, mkdir, mv, rm, sed, tar, touch, and which to name a few.