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How To Create A WordPress Page That Lists All Of Your Tags

While working on this site I decided to not only have a tag cloud widget but also build out a page that included nothing but a list of all the tags marked for each article. This way someone could click on the tag page I wanted to list all the tags in alphabetical order and look for a specific tag. The WordPress documentation page is awesome so it was fairly easy to find though I had to search the documentation rather than typing in my question on a search engine and locating the answer quickly.

The WordPress documentation page that includes documentation related to listing all tags on a certain page is the wp tag cloud page. The easiest way to create this page is first to create a new template page, followed by customizing the template, and last by creating a new page in the WP admin.

  1.  If you are using a theme then you need to create a new template in the following directory:  www-root/wp-content/themes/theme-name/. Copy the page.php to tags.php. Modify the top of the page to include the following code:

2.  Modify the section of the code that includes a line including the following:

the_content ( )

and replace it with something like the following:


The option number limits the number of tags listed unless 0 is used which displays all tags. A description of all the other options can be seen here.

  3. The last thing to do is create the page in the wp-admin interface and change its template to the new template you have created titled Tags.

You can view our tag list here for an example of what you can create. The list can be modified to show all tags, the most popular tags, etc.